2012 All Souls Procession
This is a series of studies I conducted to determine the design geometry for the fire prayer urn.
I began with the basic unit and began to devide it based on sacred geometry as well as golden ratio growth rings.
After over 60 variation studies I settled on this design for both it's strength as well as the the need for getting plenty of airation for the efficent burning of the thousands of offerings it is to combust.
This series shows the final design taking form in 3D to determine the needed angles for final fabication.
Here I am begining LED light studies to explore possible lighting scenarios.
This is an internal light study of the final full 3d model.
Close up of the CNC controled laser cutting of the first small scale model.
My first physical model made to a much smaller scale. A CNC controlled laser cutter was used at this stage of the model.
I "welded" the model together with hot glue.
I needed to design a way to access the inside of the urn as well as keep the design integrity of the urn. A rotateing and locking cover was what I came up with. All the parts were cut with a CNC controled Waterjet.
The waterjet cutting in stainless steal begins. It takes nearly a week to cut all 60 of the triangles that form the final urn.
The first of 60 triangles. Still on the waterjet cutter.
Nice welds by the crew at Creative Machines...
Final Urn after delivery and before insides getting papered.
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